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  • Weekly meetings are held every Friday 2pm-3pm (Control and Motion Planning), 3pm-4pm (Vision and State Estimation), and 4pm-5pm (integration and management) in 4407 Siebel Center.
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  • Eyal Amir of Computer Science (Principal Investigator(PI))
  • Yi Ma of Electrical Computer Engineering (co-PI)
  • Tim Bretl of Aerospace Engineering (co-PI)
  • Qin Zhang of Agriculture Engineering (co-PI)


Advisory Board Members

It will be filled with detailed information. (If you want to join the team, please contact to Prof. Amir)


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Required Behaviors (From DARPA documents)

  • Basic Navigation (Site Visit)
    1. Vehicle stays entirely within travel lane around corners
    2. Vehicle stops within 1 meter of stop line.
    3. Vehicle exhibits less than 10 seconds of delay when intersection is clear.
    4. Vehicle completes passing maneuver in 40-meters or maintaining 8-meter safety buffer


  • Basic Traffic (Site Visit)
    1. Vehicle exhibits correct precedence order at intersection.
    2. Vehicle stops between 5 and 10 meters behind stopped lead vehicle.
    3. Vehicle maintains 15 meter safety buffer at 15 mph


  • Advanced Navigation (National Qualification Event Part 1)
    1. A U-turn may be effected through one or more three-point turns.
    2. Vehicle exhibits correct parking lot behavior with less than 10 seconds excess delay.
    3. ExcessDelay is timed during “stop and stare”
    4. Vehicle re-plans when primary route is blocked
    5. Vehicle navigates roads with sparse waypoints.
    6. Road-following situations
      1. Curbs, berms, vegetation
      2. Street lines may be missing
      3. Winding roads
      4. Sparse waypoints – may not be in center of road


  • Advanced Traffic (National Qualification Event Part 2)
    1. Vehicle should pull into traffic when oncoming vehicles leave a gap of at least 10 seconds.
    2. Vehicle maintains 8 meter safety gap.
    3. Vehicle makes a left turn across moving traffic and proceeds with less than 10 seconds excess delay.
    4. Vehicle navigates parking area in the presence of moving traffic
    5. Vehicle exhibits safe behavior at all times to avoid collisions and near collisions.


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