Eyal Amir (אייל אמיר), Associate Professor

Computer Science Department, and Beckman Institute Affiliate
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Siebel Center, Rm 3314
201 N. Goodwin road
Urbana, IL 61801-2302
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Office phone: (217) 333-8756
Office fax: (217) 265-6591
Office hours (Fall Semester 2012): By arrangement (email me)
Secretary: Donna Coleman, Siebel 2120

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My startup with Sergei Kozyrenko, FasPark for street parking in real time won State Farm's Amplify'd event at NextDoor, and was featured on Connected World Magazine, Chicago Monthly Magazine, Chicago Loopstep, Crain's, and CBS Chicago, among others (2012)
My work with Neal Roese about human-android interactions was featured in Scientist Live, Science Daily, Medical News Today, On Orbit, Science Centric, and Innovation Watch among others (2009).
My opinion that We Want More from Computers, but Not Too Much appeared in Forbes (2009).
I was named a Xerox Award recepient for Junior Faculty Research (2009).
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I work on artificial intelligence with emphasis on building applied systems that make use of knowledge when devising their actions. In this pursuit I use principled, mathematical tools from logic, probability theory, and decision theory together with insights from cognitive science. Technically, my effort focuses on automatic reasoning, representing and using commonsense knowledge and relational uncertain knowledge, autonomous agent control and architectures, planning and rational decision making, and learning explicit knowledge in dynamic settings. I am also interested in graph algorithms, building large commonsense knowledge bases, and reactive systems. I am interested in applications of those in robotics, machine learning, vision, virtual worlds, and computer games, and building human-level AI programs.

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Curriculum vitae in PDF and postscript. (updated May 30, 2005)
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Jaesik Choi , Finished his Ph.D. Congratulations! Now a Postdoc with my group
Codruta Girlea , Ph.D. student  [new]
Hannaneh Hajishirzi , Finished her Ph.D. Congratulations!
Juan Mancilla Caceres, Ph.D. student
Wen Pu, Ph.D. Student  [new]
Mark Richards, Finished his Ph.D. congratulations!

Former Members

Major Projects and Grants

Dynamic Probabilistic Modal Models for Natural Language Processing (updated Aug 2012); DARPA LBR grant is acknowledged
Scaling Up First-Order Logical Reasoning (updated Jan. 23, 2006); NSF (CAREER) grant is acknowledged
Scaling Up Inference in Dynamic Systems with Logical Structure (updated Aug. 30, 2010); NSF/IIS grant is acknowledged
Analyzing Partially Observable Computer-Adolescent Networks (updated Aug. 30, 2010); NSF/IIS grant is acknowledged
Improving Prediction of Subsurface Flow and Transport through Exploratory Data Analysis and Complementary Modeling (updated Aug. 30, 2010); NSF/EAR grant is acknowledged

Previous Grants and Projects

Autonomous Car Project for the DARPA Urban Challenge
Logical Filtering and State Estimation project web page (updated Jan. 19, 2005); DARPA/IPTO (REAL) (BAA03-34) grant is acknowledged
Knowledge-Based Learning (updated Jan. 13, 2006); DARPA/IPTO (BAA02-21) grant is acknowledged
Logic-Based Subsumption Architecture project web page (updated Nov. 14, 2001)
Partitioning and Reasoning project web page (updated Jan. 1, 2003)


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Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) Seminar
Pattern Analysis and Machine Learning Seminar
Speech and Language Engineering
Natural Language Processing
Classes of interest to the ANN/Computational Brain Theory group (Spring 2004)

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