Spring Schedule 2006

Coordinated by: Eyal Amir and Deepak Ramachandran

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Seminar Information

TIME: Fridays, 2pm until 3:30pm.
LOCATION & DIRECTIONS: Siebel Center, Room 2405 (Directions)
INFORMATION: Kim Osmond kosmond@cs.uiuc.edu
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Register to the AIVR Seminar using this web page

The AI-Vision-Robotics-HCI Seminar is intended to bring researchers from the various aspects of AI, Vision, Robotics, and HCI to discuss and explain broad considerations and high-level tasks that the relevant communities are dealing with. The talks are intended to create awareness and interest for all of the members of these communities, hopefully bridging the gaps and creating collaborations. All are invited.

Spring 2006 Schedule

+ Fri Jan 20 Fei-Fei Li (UIUC) Natural Scene Categorization in Humans and Computers
+ Fri Jan 27 Sarah Flannery (Wolfram Research) Special Seminar: Uses of Mathematica
+ Tue Jan 31 Deva Ramanan (Toyota Technical Institute) Training Deformable Models for Localization in Images
+ Fri Feb 10, 9am-2pm Decision Making Workshop Schedule
+ Mon Feb 20, 4pm Hector Levesque (Univ. of Toronto) Planning with Loops
+ Fri Feb 24 Ken Forbus (Northwestern University) Companions: A cognitive architecture based on analogical processing
+ Fri March 3 Thomas J. Anastasio (UIUC) Exploring the Multisensory Paradigm
+ Fri March 31 CANCELLED* Cesare Tinelli (University of Iowa) Formalizing DPLL-based Solvers for Propositional Satisfiability and for Satisfiability Modulo Theories
+ Fri April 7 Warren Dixon (University of Florida) A Lyapunov-Based Approach to Visual Servo Control and Path Planning
+ Fri April 14 Mirek Truszczynski (University of Kentucky) Answer-set Programming: Solving search problems with logic
+ Fri April 28 Ray Mooney (University of Texas-Austin) Learning for Semantic Parsing of Natural Language
+ Mon May 1, 4pm Joe Halpern (Cornell University) Distributed Computing Meets Game Theory: Robust Mechanisms for Rational Secret Sharing and Multiparty Computation
+ Tue Jun 20, 4pm Julie C. Mitchell (Univ Wisconsin-Madison) Sampling Rotation Groups Using Successive Orthogonal Images

* Dr. Tinelli will instead be talking at a formal methods seminar on Friday, April 7th, 3:30 pm (Venue 3405SC)

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