Spring Schedule 2005

Coordinated by: Eyal Amir

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Seminar Information

TIME: Thursdays, 2pm until 3:30pm.
LOCATION & DIRECTIONS: Siebel Center, Room 2405 (Directions)
INFORMATION: Kim Osmond kosmond@cs.uiuc.edu
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Register to the AIVR Seminar using this web page

The AI-Vision-Robotics Colloquium is intended to bring researchers from the various aspects of AI, Vision and Robotics, to discuss and explain broad considerations and high-level tasks that the relevant communities are dealing with. The talks are intended to create awareness and interest for all of the members of the AI, Vision and Robotics communities, hopefully bridging the gaps and creating collaborations. All are invited.

Spring 2005 Schedule

+ Thu Jan 27 Cordelia Schmid (INRIA) A comparison of affine region detectors and descriptors
+ Thu Feb 10 Steve Lavalle (UIUC) Information Spaces: They're Everywhere!
+ Thu Feb 17 Robin Hunicke (Northwestern U) AI in Video Games
+ Thu Feb 24, 3pm Shalom Lapin (King's College London) Using Machine Learning for Classifying non-Sentential Fragments in Dialogue
+ Thu Mar 3 Ramesh Raskar (MERL) Active Imaging and Display at MERL: A Selective Overview
+ Thu Mar 10 Larry Wos (Argonne) Automated Reasoning, Hilbert, Strategy, and Poker
+ Thu Mar 17 Yan-Bin Jia (Iowa State) Curvature and Shape from Touch
+ Thu Mar 31 David Forsyth (UIUC) TBA
+ Thu Apr 21 Chilin Shih (UIUC) Postponed to Fall '05
+ Tue Apr 26 David McAllester (Toyota Inst, U Chicago) A* Beats Dynamic Programming
+ Thu May 5 Alan Bowling (Notre Dame) TBD

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Related Research Groups (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

The Ponce Group on computer vision and robotics

Miscellaneous Resources



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