General Game Playing

Michael Thielscher

TU Dresden, Germany

ABSTRACT: A general game player is a program that accepts formal descriptions of arbitrary games and plays these games without human intervention. One of the grand AI challenges, General Game Playing requires to combine techniques from a wide range of areas including knowledge representation, automated reasoning, heuristic search, planning, and learning. This talk will provide insights into our system FLUXPLAYER, which has recently been crowned the world champion at the Second General Game Playing Competition at AAAI-06 in Boston.

Michael Thielscher is a C3 professor at Dresden University and head of the
Computational Logic Group since 1997. He received his PhD in Computer
Science from Darmstadt University of Technology. He has been a guest
researcher at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, at
Imperial College in London, at the University of Toronto, and at the
University of New South Wales in Sydney. In 1998, his Habilitation thesis
was honored with the award for research excellence by the alumni of
Darmstadt University of Technology. Michael Thielscher has organized, or
was a PC member of, many conferences in Computer Science and especially
Artificial Intelligence, including IJCAI, KR, NRAC, KI.

His research is mainly in knowledge representation, cognitive robotics,
commonsense reasoning, game playing, and constraint logic programming. He
has published over 70 refereed papers and three books.

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