Fall Schedule 2005

Coordinated by: Eyal Amir and Deepak Ramachandran

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Seminar Information

TIME: Thursdays, 2pm until 3:30pm.
LOCATION & DIRECTIONS: Siebel Center, Room 2405 (Directions)
INFORMATION: Kim Osmond kosmond@cs.uiuc.edu
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Register to the AIVR Seminar using this web page

The AI-Vision-Robotics-HCI Seminar is intended to bring researchers from the various aspects of AI, Vision, Robotics, and HCI to discuss and explain broad considerations and high-level tasks that the relevant communities are dealing with. The talks are intended to create awareness and interest for all of the members of these communities, hopefully bridging the gaps and creating collaborations. All are invited.

Fall 2005 Schedule

+ Thu Sep 1 Yizhou Yu (UIUC) 2D, 3D and Surface Texture Analysis and Synthesis
+ Thu Sep 8 Kristina Striegnitz (Northwestern) Generating Indirect Anaphora
+ Thu Sep 15 Chilin Shih (UIUC) Prosody Learning and Generation
+ Thu Sep 22 Justine Cassell (Northwestern) TBD
+ Thu Sep 29 TBD TBD
+ Thu Oct 6 Manuela Veloso (CMU) Integrated Perception, Cognition, and Action in Teams of Robots
+ Thu Oct 20 Sally Goldman (Washinton U) Accio! -- A Localized Content-Based Image Retrieval System
+ Thu Oct 27 Adnan Darwiche (UCLA) The Language of Search
+ Mon Oct 31 Brian Milch (UC-Berkeley) BLOG: Probabilistic Models with Unknown Objects
+ Thu Nov 3 Rich Caruana (Cornell) Which Supervised Learning Method is Best For What?
+ Thu Nov 10 David Blei (CMU) Probabilistic models of text and images

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Spring 2005

Related Research Groups

Eyal Amir's Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group
Dan Roth's Cognitive Computation Group
Jerry DeJong's Explanation-based Learning Group
Margaret Fleck's Vision and Robotics Group
David Forsyth's Vision and Robotics Group
Jean Ponce's Computer Vision and Robotics
Steve Lavalle's Robotics and Motion Planning Group
Sylvian Ray's Cumulative Learning Group
Narendra Ahuja's Vision & Robotics Lab
Mark Hasegawa-Johnson's Speech and Language Engineering Group
Seth Hutchinson's Robotics & Vision Group
Steven Levinson's Speech and Cognition Group
Yoshihisa Shinagawa's Computer Vision Group
David Wilkin's Knowledge based Systems Group
David Goldberg's Genetic Algorithms Lab
Brian Bailey's Orchid Group on HCI
Karrie Karahalios's Social Spaces Group

Miscellaneous Resources



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